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Bakker Elkhuizen Ergonomic Mice

A good mouse will help avoid unnecessary strain.

It’s the most-used accessory and a standard part of any computer. With so many mice to choose from, you may need help choosing the right option for you. They all help to reduce pronation, wrist extension, reducing swelling and abnormal bending of the fingers.

Choose from a central mouse such as the Mousetrapper, which is placed directly in front of the user and keyboard, relieving muscle tension in the shoulder. A precision mouse can be grabbed with your fingertips to reduce bending in the wrist and reduce muscle strain in the forearms. Vertical mice, such as the Evoluent, is held in the handshake position to lessen the bend sideways and turn the forearm inwards.

Watch the video to see which mouse is right for you.

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Evoluent4 Mouse (Left Handed)
Evoluent D Mouse - Wired
Evoluent D Mouse Wired - Small
Evoluent D Wireless - Small
Evoluent D Wireless
Anir Mouse Medium/Small Black
Anir Mouse Medium/Small Black Wireless
ErgoSlider Plus Central Mouse
Evoluent3 Mouse (Right Hand)
Evoluent4 Mouse (Right Hand)
Evoluent4 Mouse Small (Right Hand)
Evoluent4 Mouse Small Wireless (Right Hand)
Evoluent4 Mouse Wireless (Right Hand)
Evoluent4 Bluetooth Mouse - White  (Right Hand)
Evoluent Mouse C
Evoluent Mouse C Wireless
Evoluent Standard Wired Ergonomic Mouse (Right Hand)
Grip Ergonomic Wired Vertical Mouse
Grip Mouse Wireless
Goldtouch Ergonomic Mouse (Right Hand)
Oyster Mouse
Oyster Mouse Wireless
PenClic Mouse Corded
PenClic Mouse Wireless
PRF Ergonomic Wireless Mouse
Rockstick 2 Mouse Wireless Medium/Small
Handshake Mouse Right VS4
Total 27 products

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