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 Deposit Return Scheme

Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme is now live!

When you buy a drink in a container with the Re-turn logo you are charged a small refundable deposit. You can then claim back the levy by returning the empty container. This is a new bottle and can recycling system and is known as the Deposit Return Scheme. The scheme began on 1 February 2024.

How to return

Although we do not accept empties you may go the many local machines in your area, to receive your refund.

How this affects your price

We are changing pricing on all SKU’s that must carry the deposit return label in accordance with the Deposit Return Scheme. We have already blocked many products that are not labelled with the deposit return logo. In order for us to be 100% compliant, the charges currently range from 0.15c – 0.25c return tax on each bottle. This will be passed along and therefore added to the price. This is not a price increase – we are simply complying with the new regulations.

Here are the products which this applies to:

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Mycafe Cooler Compatible 15 Litre Bottled Water
Coca-Cola 500ml Bottle (Pack of 24) 100182
Diet Coke 500ml Bottle (Pack of 24) 100187
Spring Water Bag in a Box 10L 7909596
Coca-Cola Soft Drink 330ml Can (Pack of 24) 100219
Diet Coca-Cola Soft Drink 330ml Can (Pack of 24) 100224
7-Up Lemon and Lime Carbonated Canned Soft Drink 330ml (Pack of 24) 402010
Pepsi 330ml Cans (Pack of 24) 0402007
Robinsons No Added Sugar Summer Fruits Squash 1 Litre 0402110
7 Up Zero Lemon and Lime Carbonated Soft Drink Canned 330ml (Pack of 24) 251254
Coke Zero Soft Drink 330ml (Pack of 24) FOCOC018C
Sun Magic Orange Juice Carton 1 Litre (Pack of 12) 402075
Cano Still Water Can 330ml (Pack of 24) 931148
Cano Sparkling Water Can 330ml (Pack of 24) 761223
Fanta Pineapple + Grapefruit 330ml Cans (Pack of 24) 0402145
Deep River Rock Still Water 500ml (Pack of 24) 195520
Deep River Rock Sparkling Water 500ml (Pack of 24) 195530
Deep River Rock Still Water 1.5 Litres (Pack of 12) 933201
Evian Natural Spring Water 500ml (Pack of 24) A0103912
Harrogate Sparkling Spring Water Glass Bottle 330ml (Pack of 24) G330242C
Harrogate Still Spring Water 750ml Glass Bottle (Pack of 12) G330241S
Harrogate Sparkling Spring Water Glass Bottle 750ml (Pack of 12) G750122C
Ballygowan Still Water 330ml Glass Bottle (Pack of 24) LB00030
Ballygowan Still Water Sports Cap Bottle 1 Litre (Pack of 12) LB00032
Ballygowan Still Mineral Water 500ml (Pack of 24) LB0007
Ballygowan Sparkling Mineral Water 500ml (Pack of 24) LB0008
Cidona Sparkling Apple Soft Drink 330ml Can (Pack of 24) 382590
Club Orange Soft Drink 330ml Can (Pack of 24) 382546
Club Lemon Soft Drink Can 330ml (Pack of 24) 382568
MiWadi No Added Sugar Orange Squash 1L 570348
MiWadi No Added Sugar Blackcurrant Squash 1L 570328
Lucozade Energy Original Bottle 380ml (Pack of 24) F40043
Lucozade Sport Orange Sports Bottle 500ml (Pack of 12) F40068
San Pellegrino Limonata Lemon 330ml Can (Pack of 24) 12516265
San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa Orange/Blood Orange 330ml Can (Pack of 24) 12516080
Purely Scottish Natural Boxed Mineral Water 6L 5065008879008
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