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Welcome to the Sundry Supplies Content Hub

Read our latest news and practical tips for your workplace

Find interesting articles on featured products or new exciting developments, along with useful advice and tips to help you create the perfect office or working environment. We aim to ensure you have everything you need to support productive working. If you would like more advice ask us a question or suggest content and a member of our team will respond as soon as we can.

Why is Breaktime so Important?

Put the kettle on and recharge...

28th June 2023
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Why hydration is essential for productivity

Quench your thirst this summer...

15th June 2023
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How to choose the best ergonomic chair

Find the right fit for you...

31st May 2023
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How we're highlighting our eco range

Making sustainable choices...

4th May 2023
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Top reasons to use a CPU holder

What is this piece of equipment?...

27th April 2023
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Create the ultimate breakout space

Upgrade your break time...

12th April 2023
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How to reduce noise in the office

Tips to avoid distractions...

30th March 2023
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Go Green this St Patrick's Day!

Sustainable product ideas for you...

16th March 2023
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How to prevent eye fatigue at work

Essential eye health tips...

16th February 2023
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Is eco-friendly toilet paper worth it?

Why you should go sustainable...

31st January 2023
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How to save money in 2023

Simple tips to save your cash...

25th January 2023
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The key to successful hot desking

All you need for hybrid working...

11th January 2023
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7 New Years Resolutions for 2023

Set some goals for this year...

4th January 2023
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Our 2022 Christmas Newsletter

Pop the kettle on and have a read...

21st December 2022
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Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas

Wrap the sustainable way...

15th December 2022
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How ergonomic accessories support you

Find comfort during desk work...

7th December 2022
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Our top Christmas present ideas

Find gift inspiration for all...

1st December 2022
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Hand hygiene the natural way

Our kindest handwashes for winter...

8th November 2022
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Do you need a digital detox?

Reduce your screen time...

2nd November 2022
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The best modern desk lamps

Lighten up during darker days...

25th October 2022
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Prepare your workplace for the winter

It's never to early to plan ahead...

19th October 2022
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How to create privacy in the open plan office

Find a quiet space to work...

11th October 2022
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Our tips for avoiding a data breach

Simple data protection advice...

5th October 2022
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How Pukka teas support workplace wellness

A blend to suit every time of day...

27 September 2022
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5 easy ways to keep active at work

For healthier and productive working...

20th September 2022
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How to prepare for a meeting

Simple tips and product suggestions...

13th September 2022
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5 top products for your filing system

Organise your workspace...

22nd August 2022
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Our back to School Stationery ideas

All you need for September...

16th August 2022
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5 Suprising green facts about paper

Sustainable paper production...

10th August 2022
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How to improve your mood at work

Wellbeing tips for a happy workplace...

1st August 2022
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How to make office recycling successful

Our tips for a sustainable office...

24th July 2022
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Our top 6 summer product picks

Keep hydrated and cool this season

20th July 2022
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How can an air purifier help hay fever?

Enjoy pollen-free air this summer...

11th July 2022
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Healthy posture for workplace wellness

Ergonomics for wellbeing...

27th June 2022
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8 Healthy packed lunches for summer

Delicious recipes to try...

20th June 2022
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How to maintain focus at work

Our tips to help you concentrate

13th June 2022
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What are the benefits of office plants?

How greenery boosts wellbeing...

6th June 2022
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5 minute desk yoga stretches to try

Take a break and move more...

26th May 2022
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Would you trial a 4 day working week?

We look at the pros and cons...

23rd May 2022
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Highlights from Evo LIVE 2022

Nicola's favourites from the exhibition

16th May 2022
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7 tips for successful revision

Make the most of your study time...

3rd May 2022
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Check out our neat office storage ideas

Practical and useful solutions...

12th April 2022
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Our Spring Cleaning Checklist

Why not have a deep clean?...

30th March 2022
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How we're striving for carbon reduction

Our sustainable business practices...

28th March 2022
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Our 5 Favourite Kitchen Essentials

Top product picks for your kitchen...

23rd March 2022
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The road to carbon neutral furniture

Promoting sustainable production...

16th March 2022
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Why choose recycled paper?

Find out all the benefits of recycled...

9th March 2022
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5 Reasons to choose worktables

Discover the most versatile and modern desk ...

8th February 2022
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The best coffee machine for your workplace

Check out our suggestions for the perfect brew...

27th January 2022
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How to ward off those winter germs

Read our simple tips for a healthier season...

20th January 2022
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Why choose eco-friendly stationery?

Discover why eco is the way to go in your office...

13th January 2022
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Merry Christmas and 2021 wrapped up!

Goodbye 2021 and we look forward to 2022...

13th December 2021
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Our top 5 best office shredders

Find the right shredder for your office, large or small...

6th December 2021
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Our favourite office desk accessories

Our top picks to cheer up the dreariest of desktops...

30th November 2021
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How to have a more eco-friendly Christmas

Check out our sustainable gift ideas this season...

24th November 2021
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What are the benefits of a recliner chair?

Find out the health benefits of relaxing in a recliner...

12th November 2021
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What is the best small office desk?

Find the right desk for even the smallest of spaces...

2nd November 2021
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Be safe and seen with high vis workwear

Discover how to protect yourself in winter...

26th October 2021
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Planning for 2022 with our range of planners

Our reasons to hoose a paper diary or planner...

12th October 2021
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How to find the right home office chair for you

Read our useful suggestions for comfort and ergonomics...

6th October 2021
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What is the best face covering for you?

Discover the right face covering for your requirements...

2nd October 2021
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10 Reasons to support your local supplier

Support your local supplier to help the economy...

27th September 2021
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How can you reduce your carbon footprint?

Looking for ways to become a more sustainable business...?

20th September 2021
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What is the best all in one printer?

Looking for a convenient way to print, copy and scan documents?...

16th September 2021
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What are antimicrobial products?

Antimicrobial products for the workplace to help fight viruses...

7th September 2021
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Outdoor Seating ideas for the Workplace

Many of us have been renovating and reviving our outside spaces...

10th August 2021
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Top tips for an ergonomic desk set up

Avoid strain and injury and become healthier and happier...

21st July 2021
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How an ergonomic mouse reduces strain

Not just for those already experiencing wrist or arm strain...

6th July 2021
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2021 Irish Enterprise Award Winners

Winning the Best Office Supplies Company 2021 & Embracing Change Award for Business Resilience!

22nd June 2021
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What is a Sit Stand Desk & Why

You may have heard of a sit stand desk, but do you know why they are so good for you?

8th June 2021
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10 Tips for Return to the Office

If you haven’t already thought about it, here are 10 things to consider after over a year away

25th May 2021
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Planning for the World of Hybrid Working

Hybrid working offers huge benefits if managed well and can create a happier, healthier workforce

18th May 2021
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