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New Years Resolutions

7 New Years Resolutions for 2023

Happy New Year!

Welcome to our first blog of the year. We’re starting 2023 with some New Years Resolutions to try and stick to in the year ahead. Be it business goals or personal aims, here are a few achievable ideas to get you started…

1. Workplace Wellness

This year let’s regain some work-life balance. Why not focus on workplace wellness in the months ahead? This could mean choosing to exercise more during working hours, moving more during desk work, working more productively in less hours, or continuing with hybrid working. This year at Sundry Supplies, we’ll be focussing on providing you with some innovative products for ergonomic working, helping you to stay healthy and happier at work.

2. Buy Sustainably

Today we are lucky to have the choice to purchase sustainable or recycled products. Our ever-expanding range of eco friendly products include janitorial supplies from Cheeky Panda and GreenSpeed, Fairtrade catering supplies and recyclable stationery, envelopes, packing supplies to name a few. Search ‘eco’ on our website to see the full range and help reduce your impact on the environment.

3. Buy Quality

You may have heard the quote “You buy cheaply, you pay dearly” [French Proverb]. Many of us are now ditching cheap, disposable or single use products in favour of alternatives that have longevity or that can be repaired. Buying quality items that stand the test of time is a good investment and is more sustainable. These items could include a good pen, quality made furniture, clothing made from natural fibres or office tech.

4. Keep your tools up to date

In order for us to be as productive as possible, we all need the right equipment to do our jobs. Make sure everyone has the tools to carry out their job effectively. This might be investing in the right tech to allow your team to do their job, finding a more efficient process, or ensuring a comfortable working environment to become happier and more productive.

5. Save Cash

Last year really saw a squeeze on budgets. Inflation in Ireland peaked in October to 9.2% - a 38 year high. This has already affected both businesses and personal spending. Luckily there are simple changes you can make to combat higher living and working costs. Some suggestions could be buying products in bulk, consolidating orders into one delivery, adapting your business model to move with the latest trend and looking at reducing waste, utility costs or overheads.

6. Make Plans

It’s good to have something to strive for. Athletes, businesspeople, and high achievers all set goals to work towards. Goals give you a vision and help with short-term motivation for happiness and contentment. Think about personal or professional goals for the year ahead. It may be planning a holiday, adapting your company ethos or making simple changes to become healthier – make some plans for 2023 and work towards them.

7. Focus on Marketing

Marketing your business is essential to keep front of mind with your customers. Maintaining demand of your product or service is what keeps businesses going and growing. Why not look at what worked well last year, what can be improved upon, what areas you would like to focus on for growth and which marketing channels worked best. It generally takes an average 8 touch points to make a sale, so try a variety of ways and means to promote your business this year.

We hope these ideas have been helpful. Why not let us know your New Years Resolutions on social media?

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