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winter germs

Simple tips to ward off those winter germs

How to avoid winter germs and viruses this season

With winter well and truly with us, spending more time indoors coupled with shorter daylight hours can make you feel under the weather. We’ve compiled some simple tips to help fight off colds, flu and viruses whilst at work and in the home office.

Get outside

There’s no substitute for breathing in a bit of fresh air. Cold temperatures along with dry centrally heated air can promote the transmission of viruses, which is one of the reasons we are more susceptible to illnesses in the winter. Why not escape from a dry stuffy environment, wrap up warm and embrace the elements? We guarantee you’ll feel a lot better when you return. Spending time outside in the winter, even if it’s not a sunny day can help your body absorb vitamin D, which helps your immune system fight off germs.

Keep healthy

Whilst it’s tempting to hide under a blanket and hibernate all winter, regular exercise can help keep your immune system healthy. A brisk 30 minute walk in your lunchbreak will get your heart beating and is equally beneficial for your overall wellbeing. During the winter, remember to keep your fluids topped up, especially if you are poorly. A warm cup of herbal tea, or drinks with lemon and honey can help soothe cold symptoms.

Try an air filter or humidifier

We all know that breathing in fresh air is one of the best ways to help rid the indoor air of virus particles. But during the cold winter season it’s harder to keep all windows open without shivering in your hat, scarf and gloves! One way to help clean the air without opening the windows is by using an air purifier. Great for shared environments, they help monitor and capture 99% of the airborne particles and filter the air regularly for cleaner air quality.

Clean hard surfaces regularly

As droplets from coughs and sneezes enter the air, they fall and land on hard surfaces. When you touch those surfaces, the droplets can enter your system. Whilst it’s not practical to wipe down every surface you touch (eg buses, trains etc) you can sanitise hard surfaces in the workplace regularly. Have a stock of antibacterial wipes handy to wipe down meeting spaces after visitors, clean handrails, and keep communal touchpoints such as kitchens and bathrooms hygienic.

Cold viruses can live on indoor surfaces for days, but they tend to only be infectious for up to 24 hours, but more likely just a few hours. Use a disinfectant or anti-bacterial product that kills up to 99% of viruses and remember to be thorough in your cleansing.

Wash your hands

You might not realise it, but you touch your face, eyes, nose and mouth more than you think and often without realising it. Washing your hands regularly with soap and water flushes away germs and viruses to help prevent them being ingested. If you’re out and about and unable to wash your hands, keep a bottle of antibacterial hand sanitiser near, in your bag and on the desk for a handy way to sanitise.

Don’t forget your mask

Wearing a mask in communal or indoor areas can be up to 80% effective at protecting against airborne viruses dependent on the type of mask you wear. It works both ways too. Not only do masks offer protection against germs you ingest, but they also help to minimise germs you breathe out from entering the air. Keep a stock of masks in a variety of places such as reception areas, desk drawers and the car.

We’re committed to helping you maintain a healthy workplace. Find a selection of products that are ideal for managing Covid-19 and other viruses here.

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