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Our 5 Favourite Kitchen Essentials

See our favourite kitchen essentials for this season

Spring is upon us! Time for a deep clean and a sort out in your workplace kitchen? Why not get your kitchen area hygienic and prepared with our selection of products? We’ve handpicked our 5 favourite kitchen essentials for your workplace from our extensive range.

Eco-friendly cleaning

Spring is the perfect time to open the windows, deep clean those hard to reach areas and generally freshen up your kitchen. Avoid harsh and abrasive chemicals with a range of eco-friendly cleaning products. Our range of Biohygiene cleaning products are manufactured using naturally derived ingredients. These enzyme based cleaners are no rinse and have a low aquatic toxicity making them biodegradable for less environmental impact. Plus they are supplied in a large container allowing you to buy in bulk for a longer lasting product with less carbon footprint.

To accompany your cleaning fluids, our range of Envirowipe Cloths are antibacterial and made from 100% natural fibre making them fully compostable. They are also machine washable for a long-lasting cloth that is both absorbent and sustainable.

Your favourite cuppa

What kitchen would be complete without a stock of teabags? Try our range of Barry’s Tea - an independent, Irish established business that was founded in 1901. 100% of their black tea is biodegradable and is grown sustainably and fairly, being Rainforest Alliance Certified. This Gold Label Tea is a refreshing and well-balanced brew, suitable for any time of day.

Make recycling simple

Bins are an essential part of any kitchen, but there are so many more options today for waste disposal besides the general rubbish bin. This 3 bin kit from Addis is ideal for the kitchen area encouraging everyone to recycle materials such as glass, plastic and cans. With 3 different coloured lids, you can easily separate your waste, making recycling more attainable.

Improve your water quality

Avoid buying expensive and unsustainable plastic bottles of water and switch to filtered tap water in your workplace Filtering water reduces chlorine and organic impurities and absorbs metals such as lead and copper for a great-tasting glass of water. This water filter from Brita also reduces limescale build-up in your kettle or coffee machine to prolong the life of your appliances and create an overall better tasting brew.

For emergencies

A first aid kit is a health and safety must in every workplace to quickly treat injuries, bumps or burns. This first aid kit is an essential piece of equipment to keep in kitchen areas and for catering environments. It may be wall-mounted for easy access and comes with a range of first aid products including blue plasters, gloves and bandages for swift remedy in an emergency.

For more great kitchen essentials, head to our facilities department where you’ll find a range of appliances, supplies, catering and cleaning products.

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