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spring cleaning checklist

Our Spring Cleaning Checklist

Spruce up your workplace with our useful Spring cleaning checklist

Spring is finally here, and after a winter of hibernating your workplace or home may feel like it needs a deep clean. If so, you may be wondering where to start. We’re here to help. Why not open those windows, slip on those rubber gloves and tackle all the dusty corners that have been neglected over the past few months?

Our handy spring cleaning checklist will help you tackle the grimiest of corners.

Before your start…

Make sure you have all the cleaning equipment you need. No spring clean can be started without a pair of rubber gloves, a feather duster and a variety of different cleaning cloths. Stock up on useful multipurpose products and cleaning solutions such as polish, bleach and detergents. Don’t forget to check that your mop head and vacuum cleaner are in good condition to ensure your Spring clean is completely effective.

Sparkling clean windows

When the bright Spring sunshine starts beaming through your windows, you may start noticing those smears and smudges more. Use an effective glass cleaner to tackle windows and buff with a clean dry cloth.

Eliminate any dust

After a long winter, there will certainly be dusty areas that need attention. Get into every nook and cranny, paying close attention to skirting boards, ceilings, cornices and walls, removing any cobwebs or dust with a feather duster. Vacuum dusty blinds or curtains and finally the floors, making sure you move furniture to access areas that don’t get regular attention.

Deep clean kitchens

Kitchen areas require daily cleaning, but some areas are not tackled too often. Empty out the fridge, cleaning the inside and the door with an antibacterial cleaner. Steam clean the microwave, descale the kettle and buff up any stainless steel. Clear out broken items from cupboards and wipe down inside and out. Don’t forget to disinfect the sink which can be a source of smells. You may need a degreaser to tackle any really grimy areas.

Concentrate on your desk

Don’t forget to clean your desk during a spring clean. Use canned air to clean your keyboard, removing any crumbs or dust that can collect beneath the keys. Wipe down telephones, your computer mouse and screen with disinfectant wipes. Polish your desk to bring it back to life and remove any dust. Reorganise and declutter your desk drawers and remove any items that are broken or that are no longer needed. Other areas that might need attention are desk tidies and paper trays that can collect dust.

Spring clean your files

It’s the perfect time to spring clean your paper and electronic files. Archive any outdated files into boxes or storage and make sure you shred any paper files that are no longer needed rather than throwing away with the general rubbish. This will ensure you comply with data protection. File or delete any emails that are no longer required or delete any attachments that are taking up memory on your PC. Finally go through your files and see if there are any documents that are no longer required or that can be removed to free up space.

We have everything you need for a successful spring clean in our Facilities section. Happy cleaning everyone!

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