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how to maintain focus at work

How to maintain focus at work

How to improve concentration in a world of distractions

The combination of home-working, brain fog have may have experienced after Covid and employee burnout has left many of us exhausted. If you are struggling to maintain focus at work, we’re here to help. Read our simple tips on how to regain focus on your working tasks for healthier productivity.

Do not disturb!

In today’s tech-filled world our brains are constantly flitting between activities. From pinging phone notifications, email alerts or the telephone ringing, there are a plethora of noises in the office diverting us from focussing on a specific task. One simple tip to curb these interruptions is to keep your phone away in a drawer or personal locker to avoid the urge to check every notification. Tell colleagues that you are setting aside some time when you are not available to take calls, then respond when you have completed the task you set out to do.

Consolidate email replies

Within an ‘always-on’ work culture (especially during home working) it can be tempting to respond to an email at all times of day. Avoid potentially distracting emails by turning off your notifications and making a point of only replying twice a day at times that work best for you.

Find some comfort

An uncomfortable workspace is bound to negatively affect your productivity. Why not start by trying an ergonomic chair to support your lower back and improve posture? Different office tasks lend themselves to different ways of working. A sit-stand desk can help you move more and carry out tasks that don’t require you be seated. Try standing when responding to emails, taking phone calls or casually meeting with a colleague.

Organise your space

A workspace that is neat and tidy is bound to promote good working practices, helping you think more clearly. Make a point of clearing away papers at the end of the day. Use desk tidies, desk filing trays and pedestals to help you clear away papers, files and stationery. That way, you can come back to your desk in the morning with a clear workspace ready for the day ahead.

Break it down

Use the method of focussing for a specific time then treating yourself to a 10 minute break. Try and immerse yourself in a task for 45 minutes and give yourself 10 minutes break away from your screen. It’s not only your brain that will thank you for a break. Your eyes will welcome a few moments away from the screen, helping to avoid dryness and fatigue.

Practice good planning

Getting organised is the best way to help you maintain focus. Schedule your day, prioritising tasks as necessary. Find the best way for you. Some love a to-do list, others build in time slots within an online calendar. Be realistic and avoid cramming in too much within a day. Failure to complete all the tasks on your list may create unnecessary stress. Small goals that are easier to achieve will help you feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Get into the zone

Have you ever found that sometimes it’s incredibly hard to get going with a particular task, whereas other times, it just flows? Knowing when you find it easiest to do a particular job will help you focus. If you are finding a task hard going, move onto something easier and revisit it later.

Block out noise

If you work in a busy open plan office, it can be especially tricky to maintain focus. With background noise from colleagues or telephones you may become distracted easily. This is where sound absorbing boards such as Piano Acoustics can come into use, helping to dampen excess noise and create a more muted environment. You could also try adding acoustic hubs and designated meeting spaces within the open plan office to meet quietly or take calls privately.

You could block out noise by investing in some noise cancelling headphones. Try listening to classical music, white noise or calming sounds.

Look after mind and body

Find time within the day for a little light exercise, have a healthy lunch and drink plenty of water to help keep your brain hydrated. Regular meditation helps train your brain to focus, controlling your breathing which helps to relax you.

Cup of tea, anyone?

Don’t forget to plan in some break time! Make a cuppa, catch up with a colleague or head outside for a breath of fresh air.

If you would like to know more about our range of products to help you maintain focus at work then speak to a member of our team for a chat.

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