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What are antimicrobial products and why do I need them?

Antimicrobial products for the workplace to help fight viruses and bacteria

As we return to the workplace, antimicrobial products will play a big part in protecting everyone against germs, bacterial and viruses. Alongside other protective measures such as antibacterial cleaning, face masks and maintaining a safe distance, antimicrobial products help to provide another level of reassurance for everyone at work.

What does antimicrobial mean?

The term antimicrobial means ‘active against microbes’. It is used to refer to a variety of antibacterial agents that kill bacteria. This could include antibiotics such as penicillin, bleach or even garlic, which has antifungal and antiviral properties. Antimicrobial surfaces, products and drugs kill microorganisms, preventing them developing and helping to maintain a safer, healthier environment.

How does antimicrobial technology work?

Antimicrobial technology protects the surface of a product with a coating that inhibits growth of germs and bacteria. Regular disinfectants offer limited protection once dried, but antimicrobial technology works on a continuous basis to provide ongoing protection. Technology such as Microban and Biocote are manufactured into the product to last the entire lifespan. These substances can be injected into surfaces, paint, coatings and manufactured within fabrics to add an additional layer of protection from bacteria.

What antimicrobial products can I use in the workplace?

As we head back to the workplace and live with Covid, antimicrobial products will play a huge part in minimising the spread of germs. Within the workplace there are products that are frequently used by many different people. Choosing antimicrobial versions of these products will help give an extra layer of protection and reassurance for everyone.

Here are a few of our favourite antimicrobial products…

Ballpoint Pens

Great for reception areas where several different people may be signing in, an antimicrobial pen will help combat germs and viruses on the hand. The barrel of our Bic retractable ballpen has built in antimicrobial technology helping to inhibit the spread of bacteria.

Antimicrobial Surface Covering

Perfect for desks and meeting tables, this polypropylene covering contains silver ions to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Removeable Film Labels

Transparent labels with an antimicrobial agent can be stuck on doorbells, door handles, desks, notebooks and phones to provide a barrier against germs and viruses. They are durable, lasting for up to 5 years and can even be wiped with a surface cleaner.

Antimicrobial Gusset Pouch

Perfect for mail, cash and important documents, these pouches contain an antimicrobial additive to help prevent the spread of bacteria.

Door push plates

Easy to install and cut to the exact size you require, this roll of push plates is the perfect addition to frequently used doors, containing silver ions to help prevent the spread of bacteria

Mouse mats

With Microban technology, this Fellowes antimicrobial mouse mat helps inhibit and control the spread of bacteria for the entire lifespan of the product.


Coated with Activecoat antimicrobial paint that reduces levels of harmful bacteria, these lockers are perfect for changing rooms, staff rooms and catering environments which have frequent usage.

Cleaning Cloths

These heavy-duty cloths add an extra level of protection from germs, viruses and bacteria by using antimicrobial technology to help prevent the build-up of bacteria.

Antimicrobial products are suitable for a range of different sectors including medical, hospitality, catering and in office environments, helping to protect staff and visitors from Covid and other germs and viruses.

View our full range of antimicrobial products to help keep everyone in your workplace safe.

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