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Why Choose Recycled Paper?

Choose recycled paper for the best everyday paper

We can all make slight adjustments to our buying habits to help the environment. Why not choose recycled paper for your workplace or home office as your first change? It’s an easy way to help save resources, reduce pollution to demonstrate your commitment to the sustainable office. In this blog we look at all the reasons why it makes sense to choose recycled paper.

Uses less resources in production

Producing recycled paper uses significantly less resources in terms of water and energy than producing virgin paper. In fact, manufacturing recycled paper uses 70% less energy and half the amount of water than producing paper from scratch. As such, making recycled paper has a much lower carbon footprint and helps to reduce the pollution generated by paper production.

Whilst there are some chemicals involved in de-inking old paper to create recycled paper, these chemicals are significantly less than those involved in pulping new trees. Also, it’s worth considering the amount of road miles involved in transporting trees from forest to sawmill to the paper mill which also generates CO2.

Helps to save trees

It’s good to know that the majority of office paper is now produced from managed forests that have been FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. Look for the label when you buy your next ream of paper. That said, producing paper still involves the harvesting of trees which are vital for protecting a diverse range of wildlife. Trees also absorb harmful CO2, helping to filter out the pollutants in the air we breathe. Minimising the harvesting of trees helps to capture CO2 to all contribute to environmental protection.

Reduces waste to landfill

Did you know that white office paper can be recycled up to 7 times before it degrades in quality? Recycling office paper helps prevent a precious resource being wasted and heading to landfill. If white paper is buried, it releases methane gas which is up to 25 times more harmful than CO2. Ensure you recycle all your office paper, cardboard and magazines to minimise paper to landfill and help continue the recovery process.

It’s whiter than white

In the past, recycled paper had a reputation for being dull, grey and grainy. Today’s recycled paper is a totally different story, with bright white recycled paper that is difficult to distinguish from virgin paper. It is also whitened without the use of chlorine, so no harsh optical brightening agents are used in the process. Instead, recycled paper is Processed Chlorine Free (PCF) with bleaching agents such as peroxide, ozone and oxygen used rather than chlorine.

Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

By purchasing recycled paper, you are contributing to the sustainability of the environment, demonstrating your commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Impress your potential customers and clients by proving your dedication to lowering CO2 and making sustainable business choices.

Choose other recycled paper products

If you are already using recycled everyday A4 paper, then why not broaden your recycled choices to other products? There are now a huge range of other office supplies available to us that are produced with recycled content. See our range of recycled paper products including envelopes, notebooks, address labels, box files, paper rolls, Post-it note cubes, dividers and more.

If you would like some assistance choosing the right office paper for your requirements, please contact us with your enquiry.

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