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office plants

The benefits of office plants

How adding greenery to your workspace brings positivity and wellbeing

We love plants. Both in the garden, at home and in the office, they provide us with a range of benefits. Biophilic design - whereby plants are used to help connect people to nature - has been popular for centuries. Adding office greenery allows us to feel relaxed and calm, with living breathing plants around us to counteract the inorganic effects of modern technology.

The link to the outside and nature

Humans weren’t designed to be inside all day. It is a basic need to be close to nature. Exposure to nature from plants can bring happiness and creativity and in turn, productivity - so great for the workplace!

Office plants help purify the air

Just as trees absorb CO2 outside, some plants can help to purity the air inside too. Printers, photocopiers and other office devices emit chemicals and toxins throughout the day, contributing to indoor air pollution. Plants help to absorb some of these toxins providing a healthier working environment.

Plants can absorb noise

There is a science behind bringing nature into the office in terms of both physical and mental wellbeing. Why not bring the outside in, especially if you struggle to get outside during your lunchbreak? Plants add a touch of nature and colour, with the colour green known for its calming effect. Plants also require care and attention in terms of watering and re-potting, and gardening is proven to have a positive effect on our mood.

Visually stimulating

Quite simply, plants look nice, and everyone enjoys being in an attractive workspace. Offices filled with grey filing cabinets or brown furniture can appear sterile. Green plants can add visual appeal to an otherwise dull, tech-filled environment.

Studies show that plants increase employee satisfaction which in turn has a positive effect on productivity - up to 15% increase in some cases.

Good for productivity

Adding plants to your general office design may have an effect on productivity too. An office that looks appealing with a variety of colourful plants will have positive effect on your mood making you proud of your workspace and therefore more likely to be productive.

Which plants are best for the office?

Choose plants that are easy to care for and don’t mind if you forget to water them occasionally! Some plants are best suited to sunny windowsills where others thrive on more shaded areas of the office. Here is a rundown of the best plants to keep in an office for a low maintenance way to bring the outside in.

Snake plants

snake plant

Snake plants are so hardy that you can neglect them for weeks with no bother. There are many different species to choose from which have stiff sword-shaped leaves. It will grow in a range of conditions so ideal for the desk, windowsill or floor.


aloe plant

This succulent is decorative and is known for containing soothing gel inside its leaves. Avoid very sunny locations as the leaves can turn yellow. Aloe needs little water so makes a perfect office plant.


bamboo plant

Fast growing and attractive, bamboo is considered to be lucky and provide good Feng Shui to indoor spaces – it would make a lovely gift for someone. Bamboo plants love humid conditions so perfect for the warmer office!

Peace Lily

peace lily

Add some serenity to your workplace. Peace lilies require little maintenance and come in a range of sizes. Add larger plants to pots on the floor, or on bookcases and shelves. The white flowers and attractive bright green leaves will add a sense of calm to the office.

Spider plants

spider plant

Adaptable and easy to grow, the spider plant is hardy and causes few problems. Their only preference is cooler temperatures so avoid sunny windowsills. They help to purify the air and grow fast so re-pot annually for best results.

English Ivy

english ivy plant

English ivy looks attractive hanging from indoor pots, trailing over the sides of baskets, adding a different visual appeal to an unused corner or in breakout areas.

Cacti and succulents

cactus plant

Cacti are really easy to maintain and can cope with sunny areas without frazzling. Water once a week for a really low maintenance office plant. Add tiny pots of cacti to your desk for a spiky yet visually appealing plant to look at. Try different coloured pots for added brightness.

Try adding a range of plants to your office for the easiest way to bring nature indoors and help bring a sense of calm to the workplace.

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