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high vis workwear

Stay safe and be seen this winter with high vis workwear

Workwear to help you stay safe whatever the weather

As the days become shorter and the clocks go back, if you work outside, you need to ensure that you are safe and visible in poor light or the dark.

Who needs to wear high vis workwear?

Construction workers

It’s vital for Health and Safety for workers on a construction site to be seen. Machinery can obscure views and high vis allows drivers or crane operators to be identified easily to prevent accidents.

Road/ motorway and railway workers

High vis clothing in the UK was first trialled in the 1960’s by Glaswegian railway workers and has been an essential safety uniform for engineers ever since.


Important when travelling in the morning and evening rush hour or when conditions are dark, lives can be saved by cyclists wearing high vis.

Emergency workers

Police, paramedics and firemen wear high vis when working on the roads or within hazardous conditions.

Working at sea

Lifeboat and coastguards can be seen against the dark of the ocean with high vis, choosing fluorescent orange for an extra level of visibility.


Telephone engineers wear high vis if working beside roads or underground.

Shift workers

Security staff may require high vis to be able to be seen in the dark.

What are the benefits of wearing high vis workwear?

Be seen

The main reason for wearing high vis is to be seen in poor light or the darkness. High vis clothing is made with florescent colours which create a glow against ultraviolet rays. Reflective strips and micro-prismatic tape works by bouncing light of tiny prisms High vis workwear offers an extra level of protection, ensuring that motorists can see you whatever the conditions.

Be reassured

High vis workwear adds a level of reassurance that motorists or other construction workers are able to see you whilst working on site. It allows you to concentrate on the job you need to do without worry.

Be comfortable

A range of high vis workwear is available for every season. Choose from t shirts, bibs and shorts for the warmer seasons. Long, warm high vis jackets are waterproof for harsh weather conditions and high vis trousers are practical for wet or cold weather.

Be versatile

You can choose a range of high vis that is suitable for male and female workers for the best fit and practicality.

Be customised

Portray a professional image with your printed company logo on high vis jackets, t shirts and bibs.

Be compliant

All our high vis workwear conforms to EN ISO20471 Class 1 Visibility and EN343 Class 3 water penetration and breathability for compliancy and protection of every worker.

High vis accessories

Not just clothing, but gloves, hats, extra reflective strips and accessories can be worn to add an extra level of protection.

If you require help choosing your high vis workwear ready for the winter, then enquire now and our friendly team will help you find the right products for your requirements.

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