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The key to successful hot desking

Our brief guide to hot desking for employers and employees

Pre-Covid, generally speaking, every employee had their own desk and workspace. With the landscape of office work changing, many are opting for a more hybrid way of working, meaning they are more likely to hot desk and share their workspace with others on alternate days of the week. Many companies are redesigning their offices to suit this method of working, reducing office space and the costs associated.

This may also mean that they do not have access to the same desk every time. Ensuring that each hot desk is equipped to suit everyone can be a tricky task as everyone has their own preferences. Read our useful suggestions about what to provide at each workstation.

Hot Desking Advice for Employers

For hybrid workers who are not in the office full time, hot desking is the ideal option. It may mean that they are not always at the same desk each week depending on who is in the office that day. As such, you need to make sure that everyone feels welcome and provide areas to carry out different tasks effectively.

What to include

If you are thinking of redesigning the workplace with hybrid work in mind you way want to consider creating designated zones within the office such as:

Solitary spaces

Quiet areas to take private phone calls or work on sensitive information.

Soft seating areas

For casual chats away from the desk to catch up with the team or meet in person. The modern office calls for soft seating areas to congregate.

Meeting rooms

For private or larger meetings. Include items such as a large meeting table, whiteboard, and presentation equipment.

Café or kitchen areas

With casual seating and canteen tables for break times.

Clusters of desks

For teams to collaborate or for teams in different departments.

Lockable storage

Cabinets or lockers for valuables is also a good idea. Few employees will want to leave their laptop or equipment out during lunchtime.

Coat rack

For neat storage of outdoor clothing and to avoid clutter add a coat rack.

Hot Desk essentials

  1. A standard desk – this Maestro desk is an ideal all rounder. You may also want to consider adding a selection of sit-stand desks. This will help add movement into the day.
  2. A comfortable chair – one that suits everyone – choose a height adjustable model with lumbar support and perhaps with removable arms.
  3. A monitor – essential for plugging in a laptop and avoiding eye and neck strain, perhaps add a monitor riser so that each individual can adjust to their requirements.
  4. Pedestal with drawers – lockable to store personal items in the day.
  5. A separate keyboard and mouse.
  6. Moveable ergonomic accessories - such as a footrest and back support.
  7. Power supplies, chargers, HDMI cables, USB cables and dongles – staff will want to be able to plug in and start without hassle.
  8. Access to a printer – think about the location so it is accessible to all.
  9. Sanitising wipes, spray and antibacterial hand gel to keep surfaces hygienic for the next user.
  10. Personal touches – hot desks can appear stark. You could consider adding a plant, desk lamp or pen holders to make the area a little more welcoming.

Hot Desking Advice for Employees

Hot desking may take a while to get used to. Some may find it disruptive to routine, but others may thrive on working in a different working environment each week. It may mean that time is used more efficiently, concentrating on focussed task work or face-to-face collaboration with your team during office time. Many also find a day or two in the office per week helpful for catching up with their manager personally rather than via video or phone.

All you need for a hot desk:

  1. Laptop, tablet, phone
  2. Stationery set – including all your essentials
  3. Ergonomic accessories including wrist rest and mouse mat
  4. USB cables and chargers

Hot desking benefits

Hot desking can be really successful if managed correctly to support flexible hybrid working. It promotes face to face collaboration and supports a modern, forward way of working. It may also attract new talent and opportunities. We can help you set up your office for hybrid working. Our design and planning service will help you create an office with all employees in mind. Contact our team to find out more.

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