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top 6 summer picks

Our Top 6 Summer Picks

Cool down and keep comfy with our top 6 summer products

As summer is officially with us, we’ve run down some of our favourite summertime products from our range to help you handle hot weather in the office or workplace.

1. Cold drinks

Everyone craves an ice cold refreshing drink in the summertime. Luckily, we stock an excellent selection within our range including bottled sparkling and still waters, fruit squash and carbonated drinks to keep in your fridge or dispenser for staff and visitors to enjoy.

2. Air purifier

An air purifier is great for reducing germs from the air within the office, but many don’t know they can also be very useful in the summer months, helping to reduce allergens and pollen from the indoor air. Great for hay fever sufferers! 

3. Portable fans

Portable fans are absolute must-have office appliance in the summer, especially if you are not lucky enough to have air conditioning. Use an oscillating fan for continuous movement of the air in the workplace, desktop fans for handy individual use or a super quiet tower fan for a continuous breeze without the noise.

4. Lemongrass and basil reed diffuser

Everyone loves the scent of summer. Be it flowers, pine trees or shrubs, you can invoke these scents inside with a fragrant reed diffuser. Ideal for communal or bathroom areas, this diffuser provides a refreshing and invigorating fragrance that is revitalising for everyone to enjoy.

5. Insulated drinks bottle

Hydration is especially important in the summer months when we all naturally sweat more to keep cool. Replenish your fluids by keeping a handy sports bottle nearby to keep sipping on. This water bottle keeps all your drinks cold for up to 24 hours with its insulated stainless steel design. Add some ice in the morning for an extra cool drink.

6. A comfortable chair

If you are sitting all day in a hot office, it can become uncomfortable. Avoid a hot back and choose a more breathable mesh back chair to keep you cool in the summer. This executive chair also features lumbar support, with matching mesh back visitor chairs also available in the range.

Find more great products on our website that will see you through the summer.

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