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eco-friendly toilet roll

Is eco-friendly toilet roll worth it?

The bottom line

Is it worth purchasing eco-friendly toilet roll? We tend not to think too deeply about which brand of loo roll we use, with low cost being the main reason for purchasing. The fact is that thousands of trees are cut down each day to provide pulp to produce toilet rolls. On the contrary, eco toilet roll is produced from recycled paper or from sustainable bamboo. With the average person using around 100 rolls of toilet paper a year, purchasing sustainable rolls = guilt-free toilet time!

Is eco-friendly more expensive?

There are many preconceptions that eco-friendly toilet roll is vastly expensive compared to traditional paper rolls. Yet with branded paper toilet tissue still costing a fair amount, it’s worth weighing up buying eco-friendly toilet roll in bulk and calculating the cost per roll. Yes eco-friendly rolls can cost more, but there are many other benefits to spending a little more on a sustainable option. If your business is looking at carbon footprint reduction, purchasing sustainable toilet rolls, kitchen roll and tissues are all easy ways to achieve these targets. One example is these 36 toilet rolls from Maxima. Economical and efficient, they are 100% recycled and offer excellent value for money.

What about the quality of eco-friendly toilet roll?

Gone are the days of rough, recycled loo roll with visible bits of recycled paper weaved in! Today’s eco-friendly toilet roll has definitely moved on. Produced from pure 100 % bamboo plants, Cheeky Panda’s hypoallergenic and kind to skin toilet tissue is soft and natural.

How eco friendly really is it?

Eco-friendly toilet roll is produced in the most sustainable way possible. Look for brands that:

  • Avoid plastic wrapping, using cardboard boxes or paper wrap instead
  • Are FSC Forest Certified for responsible forest management B Corp certified – measure of a company’s social and environmental impact
  • Carbon Balanced – measuring carbon footprint
  • Recycle materials to produce products such as recycled beverage cartons in this bulk buy toilet roll from LuCart.

The benefits of bamboo toilet paper

Producing toilet roll from bamboo is one of the most sustainable options for toilet paper*. Here’s how:

Bamboo is sustainable

It’s incredibly fast-growing, natural and tree-saving. Bamboo can grow up to 120cm in 24 hours. That’s 30 times faster than trees!

Bamboo captures carbon

Up to 35% more carbon capture than trees and produces more oxygen than trees.

Bamboo is skin friendly

It’s naturally coloured so no harsh bleaching agents and is 100% hypoallergenic. It’s also antibacterial and anti-fungal so the ideal material for toilet tissues, kitchen roll and wipes.

Eco-friendly toilet roll in bulk

Another way eco-friendly toilet roll is better value is that it is usually sold in bulk. Buying in bulk means less deliveries so less miles and less packaging. Many eco-friendly toilet rolls are packaged in cardboard rather than plastic wrapping. Buying in bulk can also work out significantly cheaper, so if you have room to store bulk items, it can bring noticeable cost savings.

If you are interested in purchasing eco-friendly toilet roll, give our team a call and we’ll find you the best option from our range.

*source - https://uk.cheekypanda.com/pages/why-bamboo

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