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6 Reasons to use a CPU Holder

Why you need a CPU holder for your office

What is a CPU holder?

A CPU holder allows you to suspend your CPU (Central Processing Unit) directly under your desk away from the floor. It’s an item that is sometimes overlooked but makes ergonomic working simpler and keeps your under desk area nice and clutter-free. CPU holders are easy to install and durable, with soft pads on the inside prevent damage to the CPU.

Why use a CPU Holder?

What are the main reasons for choosing to use a CPU holder in your office?

1. Essential for use with a sit stand desk

When using a sit-stand desk a CPU holder allows your PC to travel up and down with the whole desk. This avoids pulling cables from a PC or monitor which could interrupt your workflow and cause frustration. It allows a more ergonomic way of working, with all your equipment moving up with the desk for ease of use.

2. A space saver

A CPU holder helps keep your under-desk area free of clutter for a neater office space. Cables at the back of the unit are easier to manage and less likely to be hanging down causing a trip hazard. It allows you to optimise the space you have, creating a sense of space as more of the floor is visible.

3. Easy under-desk cleaning

Dust, dirt and grime can collect around a PC if kept on the floor. A CPU holder also helps protect the unit from accidental spillages. With a CPU holder, you can prevent the under desk area from built up of dust. It looks tidier and is easier to run a hoover or mop around.

4. Protects the CPU

Suspending a CPU off the floor allows the internal fan to work without overheating. There’s less chance of dust or dirt collecting in or around the unit and of course no bashing with a hoover. Keeping the unit off the floor also prevents accidental kicking!

5. Keep everything within reach

A suspended CPU holder that rotates 360 degrees means you can avoid bending too far under the desk to switch on the unit or add and remove disks, external media or USB’s. That’s great news for anyone who suffers with back or knee pain. You can remain seated and avoid kneeling to reach the unit. It also offers convenient access to cables at the rear if required.

6. Available in a range of colours

With a wide choice available, you can match your CPU holder to the frame of your desk. Finishes available are black, silver and white to keep all your office furniture co-ordinated.

Are you interested in using a CPU Holder?

We have a range of CPU holders available on our website for you to choose from. View all here or contact a member of our team to find out more.

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