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improve your mood at work

How to improve your mood at work

As much as we enjoy our job, sometimes we all need a mood boost at work

If you feel you need to inject some happiness into your workday, we have a few little tips to help improve your mood at work and become more productive.


There’s nothing like a good spring clean (at any time of year!) to improve your mood. Decluttering, throwing away anything that is no longer needed or filing documents that you do need to keep. Enjoy more space to spread out so you can focus without distractions and ultimately become more productive. Shred any papers that you no longer need or file away papers that you may need to refer to later.

Add a plant

Bring the outside in and add indoor plant to improve your mental wellbeing with the power of nature. You could add large floor plants or a couple on your desk or shelves for a touch of greenery with a host of benefits. Take a look at our blog on office plants and wellbeing benefits to find out more.

Treat yourself to some funky stationery

Add a splash of colour to an otherwise dull desk. Bright, warm colours such as yellow are uplifting and blue is calming to have a positive effect on your mood. Check out the Leitz Cosy range of desktop essentials that come in bright funky colours including baby blue and mustard yellow to really cheer up your desk. A huge range of stationery products are available in the range including letter trays, pen pots, desk organisers and essential such as hole punches and staplers to add a modern and vibrant feel. Your desk will never be dull ever again.

Get moving

Exercise has many benefits; one being boosting the endorphins in your body to enhance your mood. A sit stand desk or workstation will help you incorporate movement into your working day. Take the time for regular breaks, stretching periodically to keep your muscles and joints moving, or try some simple desk yoga poses. Gentle exercise such as walking in your lunch break to help clear your head ready for the afternoon.

Find comfort

Life’s too short to be in discomfort. With many of us spending a significant amount of our day sitting (be it at a desk, commuting or watching TV in the evening) the hours stuck in a seated position can really add up. Invest in an office chair that you find comfortable and ensure you set up your workstation so that your posture neutral. Add ergonomic accessories such as a keyboard wrist rest, foot rest or back support to keep your body supported.

Be positive!

Spread a little joy. A friendly smile can go a long way, not only to boost your own mood but to make other people feel good. When we smile, our muscles contract and send a signal to the brain increasing endorphins. Smiling is contagious, so it will generally be reciprocated. Do something kind for a colleague, recognise if someone needs to talk or make someone feel valued. All these things will not only enhance everyone else’s mood, but altruistic behaviour will bring you a sense of joy too.

Make the most of your breaktime

We all need a break sometimes. Be it catching up with colleagues or doing something you enjoy in your lunchbreak, making the most of your breaks can really help you feel more motivated. Read a book, meet a friend for a coffee. 

Enjoy some music

Some find listening to music helps them focus at work, whereas others can’t stand the distraction. Whatever you feel, listening to calming classical music can actually improve your mood at work, especially if you work in an open plan office and need to zone out some background noise. Try some noise cancelling headphones out. Others find music helpful whilst working from home. Research shows that music can affect you in different ways, helping to boost your mood and calm anxiety.

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