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How Pukka teas support workplace wellness

Discover the natural herbal benefits of Pukka teas

As we head towards chillier mornings and shorter days, it’s important to nourish the body from within to help prevent illnesses that could affect your performance at work. Promoting wellness in the workplace is important not only for employee wellbeing but also to ensure everyone is healthy and alert for optimum productivity.

Why focus on Workplace Wellness?

for staff retention. During the pandemic, problems such as presenteeism, work related insomnia, sickness-related absence were significant issues for some businesses. Post pandemic, there is a growing emphasis on wellness in the workplace to counteract some of these issues.

Focussing on utilising ergonomic furniture and accessories, promoting active working and offering hybrid working are all helpful ways to encourage wellness. Another way is to promote healthy alternatives in the workplace such as herbal teas. Pukka Teas are designed to support health and wellbeing and to reduce overall stress. There are many benefits to reducing caffeine intake and the different flavours can be enjoyed at alternative times for the most benefit.

Improve your immunity levels

Vital as we head towards winter, you can give your immunity a boost with flavours such as Three Ginger or Elderberry and Echinacea. These herbs and fruits help soothe from within, to ward off colds and winter bugs.

Boost your energy

With shorter days around the corner, we can all feel low on energy at this time of year. Natural ways to increase energy without using caffeine include Supreme Macha Green Tea or Turmeric Active. Ideal to start the day with or when trying to combat the afternoon slump.

Improve overall mood

Stress can have a negative impact on the whole body, so it’s vital that we all take a moment of calm during the day. Three Camomile or Peace Tea helps naturally soothe and unwind after a long day.

Support digestion

Perfect for refreshing your body after-lunch, Three Mint or Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey help support your gut naturally to aid digestion and help to cleanse from within.

Why choose Pukka?

The word ‘Pukka’ is derived from the Hindi work ‘pakka’ meaning ‘authentic’. There are many reasons to choose Pukka Teas for your next brew for both sustainability and their ethical work practices.

100% Organic

Pukka are the only 100% organic tea company in the UK, with no pesticides used and non GMO. Their flavourings only come from purely natural sources and are made in the UK.

Quality and taste

Pukka use the finest quality herbs with each blend inspired by traditional wisdom and categorised by function.

Sustainable packaging

All teabags are 100% biodegradable with organic cotton string and compostable tags. All packaging is recyclable, and vegetable based inks are used to print the boxes.

Hygienic packaging

Teabags are individually wrapped to remove contamination so perfect for communal areas. They also help to keep the teabags fresh and seal in the flavour.

Ethical practices

Pukka supports local communities including initiatives such as fair from crop to cup through Fairwild, Fair for Life and Bcorp 1% for the Planet.

Try Pukka Teas for yourself

Find a range of Pukka Teas on our website and for a limited time only, buy 8 boxes or more and receive a free wooden tea caddy. Simply use code PUKKA1 at the checkout.

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