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Hand hygiene the natural way

Protect your hands from the harshest of environments this winter

As we head into winter, all of us naturally encounter more germs. For a start, we’re inside more and in contact with winter bugs such as flu and viruses, so good hand hygiene is never more important.

It’s good practice to promote hand hygiene in the workplace. But for many, increased hand washing combined with dry centrally heated air can make hands chapped and sore.

Fortunately, we’ve selected some of the kindest, yet powerful hand washes from our range featuring natural antibacterial ingredients to keep your hands both soft and germ-free this winter.

Best for healthcare workers

Did you know, healthcare workers on a 12 hour shift can wash their hands on average 100 times? To protect hands from constant washing, this antibacterial hand wash has a high emollient formula which is perfect for frequent use. It has been specially designed to maintain moisture and prevent dryness and irritation to protect those who use their hands frequently.

Best for industrial workers

Some hands work harder than others. Industrial workers may find their hands covered in oil, grease, ink, mud or paint throughout the day, meaning more handwashing. This citrusy fast-acting handwash from 2Work is tough enough to remove the most stubborn stains yet is still gentle on hard-working hands.

Best eco and organic

Treat your visitors or staff to a more luxurious handwashing experience. This stylish anti-bacterial wash from Moss and Adams contains naturally derived oils and is 99% biodegradable both in product and packaging - plus it’s paraben free and dermatologically tested. With this fragrance you can be transported to Lake Windermere with natural cedarwood, lemon and spearmint notes.

Best antibacterial

To truly kill germs, you need an antibacterial agent contained within your handwash. This aloe vera wash kills 99.9% of bacteria including MRSA for a product you can really rely on. Perfect for either workplace washrooms or domestic environments, it also contains tea tree for a natural way to protect your hands.

Best economical

A good way to reduce water usage is to use a hand soap with foaming action. These products tend to require less water to form a lather and are longer-lasting than traditional hand soap. This foam is for use in a dispenser which provides accurate dosing to avoid over-use. It’s both soft and gentle on the skin, yet contains bactericide for extra protection.

Best for bulk buying

If you are looking to buy in bulk or refilling dispensers, then a 5 litre product offers excellent value for money. Perfect for sensitive skin, this luxurious hand wash has a natural rose fragrance to keep your hands feeling soft all day.

Alternatively, this product from BioHygiene offers great value for money too. It contains natural ingredients and contains glycerol for extra mildness, preserving the skins natural balance.

And for soothing dry chapped hands…

If your hands are hard-working and in need of some relief this winter, try a moisturising cream to help restore and repair the skin between washes. This fast-absorbing conditioning cream is perfume and dye-free and non-tainting so perfect for food handling environments.

Don’t forget about signage

Add a gentle reminder about handwashing in the workplace. This eye-catching sign for use in kitchens, bathrooms or sanitising stations will help promote good hand hygiene tp minimise the spread of germs and viruses so that everyone at work can stay healthy this wintertime.

If you are interested in any of the products featured give our team a call for more information.

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