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Shelby ergonomic chair

How to choose the best ergonomic chair for your needs

Why buy an ergonomic chair?

If you sit for hours a day you may be experiencing back pain caused by poor posture. You may experience sciatica, hip pain, neck pain, shoulder tension. Research from NICE suggests that around 60% of adults will experience back pain in their lifetime Poor posture can cause you to compensate and experience pain in other areas of your body. You may find you develop bad habits such as slouching and hunching plus experience unnecessary tension.

Using an ergonomic chair to support your lower back and promote good posture is a great way to start to find some relief. Whilst an ergonomic chair will help support your body in a seated position, it’s essential for overall mental and physical wellbeing to also move around throughout the day. This may mean alternating between sitting and standing with a sit stand desk, stretching or walking around to talk to colleagues or making a drink occasionally.

What to look for in an ergonomic chair

An ergonomic chair will predominately support your body whilst sitting. As we are all different and all suffer strains in different areas of the body, it’s essential to choose a chair that fits with your dimensions and offers support in the areas you are experiencing issues.

Look for these features:

  • Adjustability on the arm rests, backrest, seat pan angle
  • A good level of lumbar support
  • Comfortable padding on the seat cushion
  • Added or removable extras – including arm rests / headrest
  • A breathable mesh back for added comfort in the warmer months
  • A 5 star base for stability
  • Wheels for ease of movement

Discover the best ergonomic chair for your needs within our great range

The best all round ergonomic chair

The Senza 24 Hour Asynchro Task Chair ticks all the boxes in terms of ergonomic requirements. With a host of important features including an asynchro mechanism, 5 star base, weight capacity of 150kg, padded seat, height adjustable and folding arms, syncro tilt, gas lift adjustment and breathable mesh back. This chair has it all!

Best ergonomic chair for lower back pain

The Shelby Operator Chair features 55mm seat depth to adjust to bodies of all shapes and sizes. The 30 degree synchronous swing allows the chair to fit to your dimensions. Inspired by the bridge pose in yoga, the Shelby also features a split back design to reduce the chance of hunching and lumber subsidence. It’s also BIMFA certified which means it has compliant in comfort and safety. This chair is also approved for up to 150kg and features a full metal component for durability.

Best ergonomic office chair under 150 Euros

The Altino Mesh Back Operator Chair is one of our bestsellers due to it’s value for money and range of ergonomic options. A great all round chair, the permanent contact back (PCB) allows you to adjust the tilt of the backrest. It also features a curved mesh breathable back, gas lift mechanism and comfort from the flexible foam seat.

Best attractive ergonomic office chair

With different coloured seat bases to choose from, the attractive NV Smart Chair is intelligently engineered to promote good lumbar support and encourage good posture. It supports the natural S shape of the spine to align the spine, back and neck whilst working. It also features a contoured frame and breathable mesh back support to keep you cool.

Best luxury ergonomic chair

This Veneto executive mesh model is a smart business choice for aesthetics and cost. With a host of features, this chair includes three way adjustable arm rests.

Best desk stool

A desk stool is ideal for active working, allowing you to alternate between sitting and perching. The Tom Cloud Bondai Stool helps engage your core muscles to support your lower back. The wobble aspect of this stool means constant movement and is perfect for collaborative working areas or standing meetings bringing a touch of fun to the workplace.

Tips to alleviate back pain from sitting

  • Apply ice or a heat pad when sitting
  • Have a massage to help loosen back muscles
  • Do back stretches regularly (such as yoga or pilates) to increase circulation, strength and reduce tension
  • Sit properly at your desk trying not to slouch or hunch your shoulders
  • Ensure your desk is set up correctly, eg your wrist level should be at a 90 degree angle, your eyes should be parallel to the top of your screen
  • Take regular short breaks to move around
  • Add ergonomic accessories such as a wrist rest, an ergonomic mouse, monitor riser, or a sit stand desk to aid you
  • Use a chair mat for easy movement around your workspace
  • Consider purchasing a sit stand desk or workstation to incorporate more movement
  • Ensure you have a DSE assessment to check whether your workstation is set up correctly.

If you would like more choice or information about our range of ergonomic office chairs, get in touch with a member of our team to discuss your requirements.

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