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Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas

Go eco this year with our greener wrapping ideas

In the UK, the equivalent 108 million rolls of gift wrap is thrown away each year. That’s a staggering amount of waste.

Whilst you might feel good putting your wrapping paper in the recycling bin, the trouble is some gift wrap (such as shiny or glittery) is not accepted by paper mills and just heads straight to landfill. Luckily, there are a few inexpensive and effective options to ensure that your Christmas wrap is disposed of responsibly this year.

Create a more sustainable Christmas with our eco friendly wrapping paper ideas.

Go natural – use brown boxes

Brown boxes tied with reusable ribbon look delightfully festive under the Christmas tree and can be used again or recycled for a low environmental impact. You could even reuse old boxes if they are in a good state and decorate yourself, using shredded paper as filler to keep the contents protected.

Try brown paper bags

A great budget option, the brown paper bag makes for a super-sustainable gift wrapping option. Ideal for smaller gifts, add some natural twine and a little gift tag or stamp to complete the look. You won’t need any sticky tape either and the bag can just be balled up and thrown in the paper recycling bin after it’s been opened.

Go for recycled gift wrap

Rolled gift wrap is an easy and effective way of wrapping any size of present. It can simply be cut to any size and is a simple way of making any gift look inviting. Choose wrap that is recycled and that can also be recycled for an effective eco-friendly way of wrapping. Check out our eco friendly wrapping paper.

Use a natural bow

Instead of using metallic ribbon that cannot be recycled, try brown string or natural twine for a traditional look. String or twine is both recyclable and biodegradable. Just make sure it is made of natural fabrics rather than polyester or nylon. This cotton string is recyclable - just add to your compost bin or reuse larger lengths for other projects around the home or workplace.

Try recyclable Sellotape

You may forget to consider the environmental impact of your sticky tape when eco friendly wrapping. This eco Sellotape is plant-based and made from natural cellulose film and natural glues, so fully biodegradable.

Alternatively, if you would rather ditch the sticky tape altogether, try this amazing gift wrapping technique without the need for any tape!

Wrap with fabric

Furoshiki is a Japanese way of wrapping presents using fabric rather than paper. With or without ribbon, it’s an easy and beautiful way of presenting your gift. You can search for pieces of fabric or scarves in second hand shops for a cost-effective way of wrapping. Check out this short video tutorial on how to wrap a box with fabric.

Re-use old gift wrap

Check before you buy anything new this year. Do you have any old rolls of Christmas gift wrap from last year that can be used? Many of us forget by the time Christmas comes around again. Similarly, if you have received a gift and love the wrapping paper, carefully peel off the sticky tape and save it for next year!

Finally, get crafty

Decorate your own plain paper with homemade stamps (or get the kids involved in potato printing!), printed stamps or a stamp maker. Use foliage, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks to complete your look. You could also use newspaper and jazz your wrap up with decorations for a more modest feel that still looks attractive under the tree.

Happy Christmas and happy wrapping everyone!

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