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go green on st patricks day

Why not ‘Go Green’ this St Patricks Day?

Providing you with a range of green options for St Patrick’s Day

At Sundry Supplies, we are committed to providing a greener service to our customers. We have adopted a range of green initiatives from providing access to environmentally friendly alternatives, to promoting recycling and reducing our carbon footprint as a business.

Today we’re going ‘green’ for St Patrick’s Day and bring you a rundown of our favourite green products and initiatives.

Sustainable office furniture

We stock a range of furniture that has been built with sustainability in mind. The Axel Sit Stand desk is made from PEFC managed forests. Our furniture is produced in factories that use biomass boilers and are committed to carbon reduction. Did you know, our suppliers also offer a furniture recycling service when you buy new? They will remove your old furniture and wherever possible, repair and donate to charities, schools or start up businesses. If the item cannot be re-used, it is stripped down and the individual materials such as wood, plastic and metals are sent to be recycled.

Carbon neutral paper

Using recycled or sustainably produced office paper is a small adjustment that can have a big impact on the environment. We love products such as this Canon Black Label Zero paper which is made using modern filler and fibre technology and manufactured using energy from the paper mills own pulp-making process. This Eco-Logical office paper from Navigator also uses fewer resources in the manufacturing process and is produces from responsibly managed forests.

Ink and toner recycling

According to Brother, in the UK an estimated 45 million ink and toner cartridges end up in landfill. This needn’t happen, as around 97% of a cartridge can be recycled. You may not be aware that at Sundry Supplies, we offer an ink and toner recycling service to our customers. Simply order a recycling box and fill it with your used ink or toner cartridges as required. We will collect and recycle the cartridges when we next deliver your office supplies. What could be easier? Order a recycling box here and get started.

Responsible and Fair Sourcing

Choosing products that have been produced ethically and sustainably is another way you can make a big difference. For instance, choose to buy Fairtrade where possible. This high quality Café Direct Arabica and Robusta instant coffee is handpicked by co-operatives in Latin America and Africa for more ethically sourced coffee.

We also love purchasing from local brands that support the environment. For example, buying teabags that have been produced from tea leaves grown in Rainforest Alliance Certified Farms. Brands such as Lyons tea and Barry’s tea support their growers. We also love these compostable teabags from which are fully biodegradable for a more sustainable tea break.

Reducing single use plastic

Did you know, in the UK 500,000 coffee cups are used and disposed of each day? If you enjoy a coffee on the move, why not ditch the single use coffee cups and opt for a more sustainable vessel? This Ecoffee bamboo cup is naturally sterile with no plastic after taste for a more environmentally-friendly reusable option.

Reducing the use of harmful chemicals

We now stock an ever-increasing range of cleaning products that are kinder to the environment. Greenspeed, Ecover, Clover and Biohygiene all offer highly effective cleaning but without the harsh chemicals that traditional alternatives may contain. Brands such as Biohygiene use plant based enzymes with low aquatic toxicity to break down germs and are supplied in highly concentrated large bottles to save on added water and single use plastic.

Go online to see more

We stock many more quality eco-aware products in our webstore. Simply search ‘eco’ to find more and go green with us.

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone!

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